My Boyfriend Asked Me To Lose Weight; Red Flag? | Ask Angela



My boyfriend asked me to lose weight. I laughed it off but in hindsight, it’s making me feel kind of bad. Am I being crazy and overthinking this? Or is this a red flag?


Dear BigGirl,

Are you having serious health issues related to your weight? Do you complain to him about issues that would be solved by weigh loss? Or was it just like, “I saw this girl and she was skinny and I want you to be skinny, too?”

I need more info to give you better advice, but on your own think about these two things:

  1. What was his motivation for having that convo? (to help you or to hurt you)
  2. That’s a sensitive topic, how did he approach it? (Kindly/maturely or rudely?)

If it was the latter of either of those two things, then yes, a red flag.



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