My Best Friend Is Emotionally Draining, Help? | Ask Angela


My friend and I have these long talks about how she can improve her life. Currently she’s drinking all the time, sleeping with this guy who doesn’t love or respect her, and keeping her house filthy. She cries to be about how she wants to be better, we make plans for how she can improve, and then she goes and does the same stuff that is making her miserable. I want to help her but this cycle is becoming emotionally unhealthy for me. Any tips?

The Friend



I’ve so been here, I think a lot of us have. Tell your friend that you can’t go on these roller-coasters with her anymore. And be really vocal and serious about that. “I love you and I recognize that you’re going to make some changes when you’re reading to make some changes but I can’t be a part of the process like I have been.” And then hold that line. 




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