Fighting With My Co-Worker; Its Her Fault | Ask Angela

photo credit: google images
photo credit: google images

Dear Angela,

My co-worker/friend and I got into a big fight last week. She repeated something I said to her in confidence to upper level management and it made me look bad. I confronted her about it and she insisted it wasn’t a bad thing. I told her I was done and I did not want to speak to her again. We didn’t talk for four days and then today she came over to my desk as if nothing happened; trying to be all buddy, buddy again. Obviously, she wants to be friends again and the whole thing has really blown over but what she did was wrong and I think honestly it’s inappropriate for us to be so loose with each other about how we feel about the job. Should I just let this one slide? Or am I justified in my annoyance.


Dear NotLettingItGo,

Forgive her because why not? If it’s blown over it’s not a big enough deal to disrupt your work peace. Just don’t tell her anything important about anything ever again.



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