Day 4 – Stuffed Crust Pizza

I’ve not spoken about this too in depth here on this blog but I’ve decided to because I think there may be other Ask Angela readers who in addition to everything else they’ve got going on, are seeking to live a healthier life. 

I’m 4 days deep into my journey and find myself thinking/dreaming/and somehow smelling stuffed crust pizza! 🙂

Halfway kidding, but to be honest eating “clean” has proven to be easier than I thought. Like the articles suggest, I’ve started by having breakfast as my largest meal and while I cook, I watch a conference talk, and while I eat, I read the scriptures. 

So far, the scale hasn’t changed, but I feel more spiritually uplifted taking care of my body and also my spirit. 

How do you stay fit? Are you working on improving your body? Need some support? Add me on (agtslc) and/or follow the blog!



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