Day 5 – Love Your Body

I win for the most cliché blog title.

But I wanted to tell you guys a quick story.

I met this guy and thought I could marry him. In fact, even still I am not completely over it BUT, when we ended things he said one of the main reasons he wasn’t feeling it was because of my weight.


So intellectually speaking, that type of comment should make you hate the person who said it. Right? But for me it didn’t work like that. I really resented my body and myself, “Why’d I let myself get so out of shape?” “Wish these weren’t here (love handles)” “Maybe if my arms looked like this he’d be interested…”

And so on and so forth forever.

But lately, even though I’m still hung up on this guy, I’ve been working out and eating well and I am developing a love for my body. I think any time we make an effort to take care of something (our bodies, our finances, our home, our car) even if it’s over weight, old, small, etc., We will develop a greater love for it.

I am experiencing that first hand, and the scale hasn’t change yet at all.

So my challenge to you today is to think of something you are/or you own that isn’t perfect, and list the reasons why it’s still great. Then make a plan to care for it as best as you can.

I promise as you do this you’ll enjoy some of the same feelings I’m experiencing (gratitude, peace and hope!)

Let me know how it goes!



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