Tip #1: When asked “How are you?” Say more than “Fine.”


Psychologists have found that intimacy and connection between individuals can be established through self disclosure. Psychologists were quick to add the caveat that full disclosure of any kind should happen over time but that people are most satisfied with their relationships when the other person is willing to share at least a little bit of who they really are. 

So the next time you’re walking to a church pew, a networking event, or in the break room and someone asks you, “How are you?” respond by sharing something brief and interesting about yourself. #science #makingfriends


5 thoughts on “Tip #1: When asked “How are you?” Say more than “Fine.”

  1. I am responding to another article because I can’t find a place to comment on your article” Siblings are furious after parents leave the church etc.”
    I agree with your response to the sibling who is willing to forgive.
    Those siblings who refuse to forgive have no clue what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. Whenever we have a challenge it is an opportunity for us to learn who we really are as a Christian. In the case of the stubborn siblings they will suffer the loss of the Holy Ghost and their lives will suffer because they will not stand in that holy place of love and forgiveness.. If they embrace their parents and let them know that they are hurt, but that they love their parents, their parents will have a softened heart . Love is the only thing that heals. Satan is in charge of us when we come from any other place than love. As for the parents, they, too, do not realize that this is an opportunity to learn who they really are in their spiritual growth. They have choice to stay in the ward and, by the Light of Christ treat the ward members with love…smile,…say hello…do some service for those who have offended…etc. By doing so they make this situation a blessing for all concerned. Only love heals. What has happened to them has happened to most of us. Remember what the Lord said as He hung on the cross in agony? ” Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” We, likewise, have no idea of the silent lives of those around us that may contribute to their being less than Christian.
    Our only responsibility is to love by words, thoughts and actions. We should be striving to be a better person than we were the day before. These challenges are the gift that enables us to practice gospel principles. In doing so we become more like Christ. Is that not our goal?
    As we learn to love God more than ourselves it becomes easier to forgive and let go. Our minds can center on “I will forgive and come from love and in so doing the Lord’s suffering and sacrifice is not be in vain for me. We are here to overcome everything, in us, that is not love. What a wonderful challenge…

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