Tip #4: Learn a foreign language

HELLO in eight different languages

It is a beautiful thing when someone can speak a foreign language. I used to think the primary value in speaking another language was to have the ability to speak to people from different countries – so I studied German, Italian, and even a little bit of French (un petit peu*)

But I want to add other/different types of languages to my list. The language of theater, “it’ll be a cold read,” the language of the corporate world, “Be sure to true back to those external bench marks and let’s align at our 10/10.” (huh!?) 

Those are the first ones that come to my head but the main point is that we want to learn the languages of each other. Because even though I’m speaking English and you may be speaking English, too – sometimes there’s a long way to go in understanding each other.

So, Learn a foreign language. 

*Initially I wrote, “Un petit poor” and then I googled it and saw that, that was wrong. #8thGradeFrench


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