Tip #6: If you don’t want to go to a bar to meet people…


There are a 100 other ways to do it.

For years I’ve been giving the advice that even if you don’t drink you can still go to bars to meet people – and in fact you should.  But lately I’ve been feeling like even if that is a good way to meet people, it’s just not my scene, and it might not be yours either. So now what?

Google brings up a billion options,and here are my favs:

  1. Taking a class (ceramics, exercise, GRE, Acting)
  2. Volunteering (mentoring, building a house, putting together care packages)
  3. Joining a sports league (Soccer, Tennis, Flag football, Work softball)
  4. Film screening / play and staying for the talk back (Check Meetups and local events)
  5. Friend of friend referral
  6. Online (You can always put, “Drinks never” many people are looking for that!)
  7. Sitting next to someone new at church (“Hi, I don’t think we’ve met, I’m Angela”… #BFFs5minslater)

It is still important to develop a level of comfort being in social situations where alcohol is being served – but if it’s not your preferred thing, it’s not your preferred thing, and that’s all good. 

What others would you add to the list?


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