Tip #9: More than one way

Clear strategy and leadership solutions
Clear strategy and solutions for business leadership symbol with a straight path to success as a journey choosing the right strategic path for business with blank yellow traffic signs cutting through a maze of tangled roads and highways.

Duh, Angela. 

No, I know. I’m just thinking about how 5+5 = 10 but so does 6+4, and 8+2 etc.,

In many scenarios in life there are a couple different ways to reach an end result. I know I get frustrated when something isn’t working how I thought it should, or the way I wanted it to.

Sometimes we have to be open to a different set of numbers, a different strategy, a different way of making things happen. 

We don’t sacrifice the goal, but we open our mind to new opportunities. 

This thought helped me not to feel frustrated this morning. Hope it helps you.




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