Good, Bad, Ugly – 11/23/2015

The Good: Thanksgiving is coming up and I’m going to see all of my siblings. 

The Bad: Got a negative review at work and some relationship problems. 

The Ugly: Stranger with food in his teeth sneezed directly on my arm. 


Your turn. Leave in the comments your GoodBadUgly (GBU) for the day!


2 thoughts on “Good, Bad, Ugly – 11/23/2015

  1. The Good: The staff at Taco Bell messed up my order so I got an extra burrito and a caramel apple empanada for free! Yay!
    The Bad: I had a bath last night with some coloured bath bombs and my hands were stained pink. They are still pink today!
    The Ugly: I had a falling out with my best friend almost two months ago and she still won’t talk to me. 😥

    1. How am I just seeing this??? So sorry for the late reply. I’m loving your good. I’m also loving the bad – hilarious story. And I’m sorry about the ugly, how can we help?


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