A New Month Is Coming

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Usually the end of the year depresses me. “Did I even accomplish anything this year? How has another year gone by? Who am I?”


But, this year I’m not feeling that way. I tried a new tactic last January, instead of making sweeping resolutions for all of 2015, I made a few small goals for just January. It worked – so I did that for the following months as well. 

Here we are approaching December and I want to see what I can accomplish during this last month of 2015. I’m going to pick a few manageable things like 1. Write 2 Ask Angela articles 2. Take bag of clothes to Goodwill etc., No big deal right? But still things I want to accomplish. 

Let’s all do the same and keep each other accountable. What are your resolutions for December 2015? Share in the comments!



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