Advice to Millennials who want to get married


Candice Madsen of the Deseret News wrote a beautifully moving piece titled, “Love,marriage and the single woman stuck writing about it.In this article she details a project she has been producing at work, her own relationship struggles and then shares advice with millennials who want to get married.

Here’s a quick list: 

  • Don’t worry about getting married.

  • Maintain a heart that is always open to it (that won’t always be easy).

  • Prepare for it by developing relationship skills that will empower you and serve you in other areas of your life. Learning how to communicate well creates confidence. Recognizing the difference between merely listening and actually hearing what someone is trying to tell you leads to intimacy. Allowing yourself and others to be vulnerable builds relationships of trust.

  • Chase your other dreams. I pursued a career I love but have also maintained a healthy work/life balance. Had a career been my only pursuit, I think I would’ve ended up with a hard heart. I now have more room for compassion, empathy and understanding.

  • Live by faith, not fear. Fear only prevents and derails relationships. It can also keep you holding on when you should actually let go. Above all, fear prohibits you from fully engaging in the beauty that is your imperfect life.

Madsen’s article included other gems such as “love comes after commitment”,”millennials value marriage but by and large they don’t know how to get married”, the negative impact of expectations that aren’t communicated, the necessity of being vulnerable, and so much more…

Give the article a read and share your thoughts – which areas resonate with you?


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