Tip #20: Sing in church

It’s super awkward trying to sing a hymn when an entire congregation is trying to sing under their breath. Why are we doing this?????

#WhisperSinging #PutAnEndToIt


One thought on “Tip #20: Sing in church

  1. Dear Angela, I was very interested in your article about the young woman who talked about being divorced and then feared that no one in her ward would date her… I would like to address that story, I was divorced with 3 children, my husband had an affair , and got his girlfriend pregnant , so he had to divorce me fast….. it was devastating, and heartbreaking, it was a Temple marriage, I was devastated I soon learned that I had a choice, I could choose how I was going to react to this trial in my life. I soon sat down and made a list of everything He told me was wrong with me and thats why he cheated. As I prayerfully went through the list , there were things I found that I could change in my self, and do better, there were also a bunch of things that I took no responsibility for. So I crossed those off my list and let them go. The things I underlined and thought I could make changes in me, were the things I started to work on. As time past, I soon loved myself again, I really began to love my children in stead of thinking of them as a burden. I started to hear that people wanted to line me up, and that there were men that wanted to date me… When I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and focused on my eternal family, and having the power of the priesthood in my home thru my obedience to my covenants, My life changed.. I was happy, my children were happy. Eventually I was introduced to a man, that had never been married before. He fell in love with me and with my children, I received a Temple cancelation, and we were sealed in the Temple, a year later we had my 3 children adopted to him. We eventually had 3 more children, , He has served as a Bishop, High Counselor , Stake YOung mens president, Mission President, and Stake Patriarch , and a Sealer in the Temple. I have been by his side the whole way. To day 5 of our 6 children are married, we have 18 grandchildren, and our 2 oldest grandson, are serving mission for the Church. Yes, there will be consequences for what this young woman has gone through, She will ruin her life if she focusses on the negative, and worries about what people will think of her because she has been divorced, She needs to make changes in her life, just like we all do, to better herself, and by so doing, she will be more attractive, and you never know who you are going to attract. Inner beauty comes through so much more than outer beauty dose. Tell her to focus on what she has learned and what she can change in herself, and do better, and not focus on “Oh poor me, I am divorced”.

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