Is it okay to get angry? And if it is, what does that look like?


Yesterday in church we were talking about Christ-like behavior. We read scriptures that talked about patience, love, temperance, brotherly kindness…

I came into the lesson dealing with drama from my own life so I kept thinking, “what about getting mad?” “Is there room to be angry when you’re trying to be like Jesus?” Jesus got angry in that temple, right? Well in modern times, what does “righteous anger” look like? 

How do we know when to speak up and out for ourselves and others? How do we know when to set boundaries for what we’ll tolerate? In striving to be like Christ is there such a thing as “putting someone in their place?” 

One woman raised her hand and said that she thinks about pride – is her motivation to win? To be right? To best the other person? If it is she doesn’t say anything… I liked that answer. 

Readers, what do you think? How do you get mad? When do you decide to get mad? Do you get mad?


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One thought on “Is it okay to get angry? And if it is, what does that look like?

  1. Getting mad is usually a reaction to something. I would imagine most people cannot control that. However, they can control how they act when they are angry. When I get mad, I step away from the situation, if possible, and calm myself. Then I try to look at the situation objectively or call a friend who is very logical. Finally, I come up with a plan to solve the situation or make it better, if possible. If that makes any sense…. It made sense in my head. 🙂

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