Today’s Ask Angela article was about chastity

I’ve said all I really have to say about it right in today’s article:

Click here to read it.

But I’m sharing it because I wanted to know if you had any thoughts? I know what it feels like to have stale discussions at church – so I wanted to help this girl out. What other advice would you share?





2 thoughts on “Today’s Ask Angela article was about chastity

  1. I rarely respond to items I read in the newspaper but felt I needed to respond to your article on Chastity. Although your response was typical (fast and pray about it), I felt it wasn’t very practical. As a young adult, I too wished leaders could have talked about this issue more candidly. We were told to obey the law of chastity but were given no real advice on how to do that.

    Would you please tell this girl about a talk by Elder Lynn G Robbins of the Seventy? In September 2013, he spoke at a BYU Devotional and gave a talk titled “Avoid It!” He compares sexual desire to chocolate chip cookies. In a very candid yet non-offensive way, he gives young adults some very practical advice on how to avoid breaking the law of chastity. I wish this talk had been given at a Worldwide Devotional or been reprinted in the Ensign because it is worthwhile for everyone, not just young adults, to read and discuss. Perhaps this girl could suggest her Bishop read or watch this talk and use it as a basis for a Fifth Sunday lesson. I’m sure some very good discussion on this topic would ensue if that were to happen. At the very least she would benefit by reading it herself.

  2. Thank you for sharing this article! I hope it’s helpful to this reader and others. I would still suggest that under the influence of the spirit this reader and others communicate with their leaders. Maybe that communication is sharing an article (the one you suggested) as one of the solutions, maybe it’s planning an activity…etc., Members can take an active role in their learning and speaking up can help others benefit as well.

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