The 10 times I won the lottery | Ask Angela

Lottery Balls

Tons of conversations at work today about how people would spend the Powerball winnings should they win. It got me thinking about the ways in which I’ve already gotten really lucky in my life. Here are the ones I’ve come up with: 

  1. Being a member of the Trusty Family

  2. After having 5 sisters finally getting a brother

  3. Knowing about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ

  4. Serving a mission on Temple Square

  5. Meeting my boyfriend

  6. Surviving my burst appendix

  7. Randomly seeing the northern lights at Dartmouth

  8. Finding my wallet with all of it’s contents this one time 8 years ago

  9. Being home to visit my grandmother with my mom before my grandmother passed

  10. Receiving a baby blessing from my father (story for another day)


These are the ones at the top of my mind today. But it’s a really special feeling to be able to look back on life and see so many significant (and maybe even insignificant ways) in which  I’ve gotten lucky. I invite you to try it! In what ways have you already won the “lottery?”








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