Dear Angela: I don’t have a relationship with my high school aged sister, but I want to. Help?


I have a little sister, and we’re not too far apart in age, but the gap is just wide enough that we’ve always been at different stages in our lives. Because of that (and the fact that I was moody and not particularly nice to anyone in my family between the ages of 12 to 18), my sister and I are not close at all. It’s something I’ve felt more and more guilty about as I get older, especially because so many of my friends are very close to their siblings. I’ve found it difficult to reach out to my sister after so many years of us not really getting along, especially since she’s in her terrible teens now. I’m currently in college out-of-state and my sister’s in high school, so we don’t interact a ton beyond the occasional snapchat. Any tips on what I can do about this?


Dear Older Sis:

You can be as candid with your sister as you have been here. “Hey we’ve never been close – but I want to change that. What do you think?” Decide prior to this conversation that you’re going to forgive her for any of her past wrong doings and start fresh.

Let her share her feelings about the relationship, but ultimately make a plan to talk at least once a week. Sunday at 2pm – it can be your “sister church.” 

Strong relationships don’t happen over night but with time you’ll get there.





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