Dear Angela: I’m a Lutheran, man of science, and university student and I’m losing my faith


I was raised lutheran and I am confirmed in the church, but recently I have been struggling with my faith. I am just going to speak my mind so I can get help. I am very smart, I am maintaining a 4.0 GPA in a top 10 university, and I am a man of science. I am also a man of logic, and facts. However, science cannot explain the essence of who we are, and I do believe God has something to do with it. However there is no hard evidence, and it is very hard for me to believe in something that I can’t see. Has anyone here had a similar experience to me? Please help me regain my faith.

Lutheran Man

Dear Lutheran Man, 

We’re all human and so I think many people will be able to relate to the feelings you’ve described above. Something that has helped me when I encounter doubt is to think about the things that are tangible about God. When I list what I’m grateful for, I can see where He has blessed my life. When I read through old journals, I can see how He’s helped me through difficult times. When I pray for guidance, “should I take this job?” “How can I learn to be a better writer?” “How move on from this breakup” and a million other prayers that I’ve prayed – I can feel real inspiration coming from a loving source – My Father in heaven. 

Even though we don’t see God with our physical eyes, there is still beautiful evidence of Him all around us. 

Hope this helps!



Readers: How do you strengthen your faith when you encounter doubt? Share in the comments or twitter #backtofaith @askange_column.




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