Tip #26: Start over, educate yourself, start over again

I’ve always been a champion of the idea that people can always change and they can always start over. (We’re human, we make mistakes, part of the reason we’re on this earth is to try things and sometimes succeed, sometimes fail.)

Recently, I’ve learned to add a new step into the “start over” equation. That step is to educate yourself better on the process, and then try again. 

That’s the key. Education.


Last year I lost 30 lbs – huge accomplishment! But I stopped paying attention to fitness, got a new job, new apartment, new city, new stresses and hello weight gain. Terrible.

Today, I’m starting over, after making the effort to educate myself.

Enough about me – is there anything you’ve been trying? Do you need to start over? What do you need to know/learn so that this next time, you’ll achieve the outcome you desire? 

Share your goals in the comments and lets help each other! 




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