4 Tips To Get Over Your Ex | Quickvice from The Ask Angela Column

Break ups are the worst. Here’s some moderately helpful advice.


  1. Don’t plan on getting back together. Thinking you’re getting back together will make you call him/her and calling him/her will lead to #3.

  2. Choose something you love and start trying to get really good at it. This will remind you that you’re really awesome and not all of the terrible things he/she said you were.

  3. Stop fighting with your ex, it just prolongs the inevitable and makes you guys hate each other more. Anytime you think, “I’ll just call him/her and have a pleasant conversation” or “I’ll just call him/her and try to explain what I think the problem is…” it won’t work and will end in a fight.

  4. Take little moments to cry and think about it and remind yourself that you’re on the road to feeling better.


This advice is semi-working…but I know there’s more out there. What are your best practices? Share in the comments.







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