4 Tips: Making New Friends

It’s hard. Try these: 


  1. Take one of the things you like doing by yourself and sign up to do it with other people. If working out is your thing, join a spin class, if singing is your thing, join a choir. You get it.

  2. Think positive thoughts about yourself. It’s hard to have the courage to talk to other people (yes for some of us it takes courage!) if swirling in your mind are thoughts like, “I’m not fun,” “I’m a bad conversationalist,” “He/she probably doesn’t want to talk to me,” “Why am I here??” “They must think  I’m weird because I’m not drinking.” Be positive about yourself. 

  3. Go when you’re invited placed. It’s like a rock and a hard place right? You don’t want to go because you don’t know anyone, but you need to go because you don’t know anyone…so what do you do? I’ll solve it for you: Go. The worst thing that can happen is that you’re uncomfortable for 5 minutes and then you find an excuse to get something out of your car and leave. The best thing that could happen is that you make some great new friends. 

  4. Siblings = Friends. I’m sure there are some only children reading this so replace sibling with “family.” The thought here is that your siblings have friends, tag along with them til you start to make your own. And if they don’t have friends either, go be social together. It’s easier when you’ve got a wing-sibling.


We could add a lot more to this list but here are our top 4. What do you do? Do you have a wing-sibling?





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