Dear Angela: I’m sick of people saying “Merry Christmas” to me. I don’t celebrate this holiday!


Dear Reader: During most of the year people walk past each other in silence, don’t get sick of the friendliness – even if it’s not “politically correct.” Respond with a “Happy Holidays” or whatever kindness you’d like to share and be happppyyyyyy. 






3 Ways to feel great during the holidays | Ask Angela


This has been such a great holiday season – and that’s not always the case for me! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced some anxiety around the Holidays, so I wanted to share some things I tried this year that have made all the difference: 

  1. Keep your relationships strong throughout the year. Last year I wasn’t keeping in touch with people, so when I saw them around the holidays, I felt kind of like the odd man out in the family. This past year I made a resolution to not only call my loved ones, but to make extra efforts to visit them and  be a part of their lives. Coming home this year, it felt like I was seeing my very best friends. 
  2. Remember, nothing needs to be perfect. Gifts don’t need to be perfect, the house doesn’t need to be perfect, the pictures don’t need to be perfect, the food doesn’t need to be perfect, we don’t need to be perfect… Everything can go completely NOT as planned, and it can still be a great time.
  3. Christ was born and that is amazing. Find small ways to reflect on the reason for the season. For me, this is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ – it’s not about my anxieties and my expectations. That’s a really humbling thought. This season may mean something different to you, whatever it means, reflect on that. Feel joy because of that and allow that purpose to fill your heart and mind with gladness. 


We at the Ask Angela column want to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season. Are there ways that you feel joy during the holiday season? Share in the comments!



Tip #19: Go for it

This is so cliche. But what’s wrong with a cliche tip?

Take a few moments with yourself and define what “it” is.

Will “it” challenge you and help you develop into a stronger person?

Will “it” give you more power to serve others?

Would you feel regret if you turned 85 and never achieved “it”? 

If you answer yes to any one of these questions than go for it. Cause why not?


**I wrote this after feeling super inspired by the show Shark Tank**

I didn’t join the church because of my boyfriend | Ask Angela Asks You


How would you answer this question? It’s okay if a romantic relationship is one of the things that initiates our investigation into religion. But how do we help others know that it’s more than that? Is it a matter of time? What do you think?

Dear Angela,
I’m a recent conver to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I’m absolutely in love with everything about it. My boyfriend is also a member and my family seems to think he’s the only reason I converted, which is not true what so ever.

What can I do to have them see I did this for myself and not him?


Tip #5: Service is the great antidote



antidote (noun) – a medicine or other remedy for counteracting the effects of poison, disease, etc.,


No matter what obstacle you’re facing in your life right now, part of the solution is service. More specifically, looking outside of your own situation and seeing if you can provide support, aid or love to another human being. 

Adopting this practice will open your eyes to new opportunities, expand your network and sphere of influence, and enhance your abilities in the realm of servant leadership.

I Prayed About This New Job; It’s Still Not Going Well | Ask Angela


Dear Angela,

I recently took a new job, and I hate to admit it, but I’m not happy there. Everything is going wrong. I analyzed this choice for weeks, prayed about it and really felt like it was right – so what gives?



Dear JobHate,

New jobs are hard (prior good feelings and prayers notwithstanding.)

Focus on what’s good, and build from there. Are you making more money? Better work life/balance? New relationship opportunities? More challenging daily tasks? Choose the best part of your new job and maximize it. If you focus on what’s terrible, your job (any job) will always be terrible. Change your thoughts and let us know what happens. 



I’m watching too much TV | Ask Angela



Dear Angela,

I’m watching too much TV and it’s ruining my ambition. What do I do?




Dear KardashianMarathons,

You can watch TV you just can’t watch it all of the time and you can’t watch it first. Every morning map out 3 things that you need to get accomplished. Do them, and then watch TV. Do this every day for a week. You’ll be so excited about all you’re accomplishing that TV will quickly become the thing of the past.