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This thought just came to mind because today I wrote a rap verse and then recorded myself  “rapping” (read: talking and pretending I was Lauryn Hill and feeling so good about it.)

Why was I doing this? Because I’d finished all my other tasks for the day and I wondered if I could. I’ll attach the audio for you to hear, but the lesson that I learned was that it’s a best practice to wonder to yourself, “what am I capable of?”

We literally have no idea what our physical and mental limitations are – so why not set aside at least one day a week where we try to test those limits? And stretch whatever perceived boundaries we have?

I’m going to start trying this. What do you think you’d try first?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section.






Thoughts to help you love your job

heartThink about your job as a learning experience that you’re getting paid for.

Ask yourself: who can I met during this learning experience? What skill can I master? What can I create? What difficult personalities can I learn to navigate? Who can I take with me?

Commit yourself to participate in something extra (a panel discussion, a volunteer activity, a project outside of your team) at least once a quarter.

that your job is not your life. It is a part of your life for the amount of time that you feel is appropriate. Enjoy what you can gain from it and view everything as a learning experience.




The 10 times I won the lottery | Ask Angela

Lottery Balls

Tons of conversations at work today about how people would spend the Powerball winnings should they win. It got me thinking about the ways in which I’ve already gotten really lucky in my life. Here are the ones I’ve come up with: 

  1. Being a member of the Trusty Family

  2. After having 5 sisters finally getting a brother

  3. Knowing about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ

  4. Serving a mission on Temple Square

  5. Meeting my boyfriend

  6. Surviving my burst appendix

  7. Randomly seeing the northern lights at Dartmouth

  8. Finding my wallet with all of it’s contents this one time 8 years ago

  9. Being home to visit my grandmother with my mom before my grandmother passed

  10. Receiving a baby blessing from my father (story for another day)


These are the ones at the top of my mind today. But it’s a really special feeling to be able to look back on life and see so many significant (and maybe even insignificant ways) in which  I’ve gotten lucky. I invite you to try it! In what ways have you already won the “lottery?”







What I learned: Last week’s Scandal episode

Photo credit: Chicagonow.com

Fortunately for me, unfortunately for everyone who actually likes Scandal, there is no new episode this week. But to tide all you gladiators over, here’s WHAT I LEARNED from last week’s episode of Scandal.

1. Fitz wants to grow old with Olivia. It’s one too many wrinkles late for that, Mr. President.

2. Fitz wants to fill the secret Vermont house with kids. He could start with the three (or two plus a bro-son?) he already has.

3. Team Mellie for real now. Even though her wig is awful. Olivia’s bouncy weave isn’t much better.

4. Olivia definitely has a weave. I don’t even know if people are trying to say she doesn’t but it wouldn’t surprise me. Like how people thought Beyonce actually cut her hair.

5. Harrison begged to have a shirtless scene.

6. So did Fitz.

7. The writers remembered the show is about Olivia and Fitz and not how Mellie and Fitz get back together in spite of his lying and meanness and generally being a terrible husband.

8. Second week in a row where a disturbing scene was way too long. The only thing worse than Mom, Interrupted was Olivia’s second dress coat.

And the mom was obviously going to escape. It can’t even count as something I learned.


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What I learned from last week’s episode of SCANDAL

We love Scandal, but last week’s episiode? (Photo Credit: The Huffington Post)

In honor of the new episode of Scandal tonight, we’re going to review the very confusing Mellie focused episode from last week. Were we demanding a Mellie backstory? I must have missed that in all of Kerry Washington’s super annoying non-announcements about her personal life. Anyways, here’s WHAT I LEARNED from Scandal last week.

  1.  Find a friend exactly like David Rosen. You can betray him and throw him under the bus constantly and he will still inexplicably do whatever you say.
  2.  Less makeup is more (lookin at you Abby).
  3.  I guess to be a gladiator all you have to do is tell your needy boss that you’re with her and keep buttoning and unbuttoning your too small blazer (sorry Harrison, not sorry Harrison) Continue reading “What I learned from last week’s episode of SCANDAL”